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Over the past 8 years, I have been teaching tapestry weaving, macramé, natural

dyeing, and weaving on the rigid heddle loom. I have travelled to various locations

throughout Australia, and have taught internationally in Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand,

Singapore, Vietnam, Paris, Japan, New York and Columbus. I have lead textile and design

adventures and retreats in Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Bali, Japan, Vietnam, and Australia.

I have taught over 6500 students over the world in sell-out workshops. I am very

passionate about what I do and hope to teach you my ways and process of how I

create my artworks.

I hand dye and wind all my wool from Australian

wool for my workshops and provide you with the best loom available. With my macramé workshops, you

will get the best rope that I have spent years on sourcing.


Big WOOL weave

February 9th 2020

Woven Dreams Studio



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