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Natalie Miller profile - photo chris cou
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Natalie Miller is an internationally recognised textile artist and known for her brightly coloured woven artworks.


Natalie is a registered architect and textile artist living in the beautiful Southern Highlands in Australia, an environment of constant inspiration. Natalie has been practicing as an architect/interior designer for the last 30 years and has worked extensively with interiors particularly with textiles, carpet and fabric design throughout her career. She has had a lifetime of design and creating. When she relocated from Sydney to the highlands 10 years ago, Natalie studied tapestry weaving at Sturt Art and Craft centre for a year and since then has studied tapestry each year at Kawashima textile school in Japan. Natalie had been working with macramé for 14 years, and now incorporates both disciplines into her artworks. She has been involved with numerous art/craft exhibitions and publications. Natalie has a studio at her East Kangaloon property and now primarily focuses on hand dyeing and tapestry weaving.


Natalie focuses on the importance of the act of making.  She has a very big drive to make and believes to make something every day is important to her. She loves to explore the different techniques of textiles, especially in weaving and macramé. Natalie also does most of her work with her hands and feels like tools should never dominate.

Textile art has an enormous relationship with interior architecture. Natalie tries to explore textiles and how they can transform into an architectural space and complement one another.


Natalie is extraordinarily passionate about colour and her life has revolved around colour. Natalie explores and experiments with the palette when hand dyeing her wool and creating her brightly coloured artworks. She believes all colours work together and is certainly not afraid to experiment. Natalie hand dyes all her wool and fabric from Australian grown and milled wool in natural dyes and Australian wool dyes.


Natalie has made the biggest macramé chandelier in the world (two of them) in Pacific Place on Hong Kong Island for Chinese New Year. Natalie loves to work with other designers and architects for commercial installations in weaving and macramé for commercial and hospitality projects around our globe. She has been involved with collaborations with other artists for art installations and fashion labels including ‘romance was born’ and the Woolmark company. Natalie has also worked on the DreamWorks set for the movie 'Trolls 2' released in 2020 and interior collaborations with Anthropologie for Spring 2019. 


Natalie has also extensively travelled throughout her lifetime through Asia and Europe and has taken an interest in art, architecture, textiles, and design. Her travels heavily influence her work and design. She takes interest into the way different cultures around the world dye, weave and create textiles.


Natalie has been teaching weaving and macramé for the last 10 years around Australia, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Bali, and Thailand. She is part of leading textile and design adventures and creative retreats currently in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. To unite crafters around the world and bring back the beauty of handmade. 


  • Studied Architecture at The University of New South Wales, Australia. B Arch UNSW

  • Registered architect under the New South Wales Architectural Board  

  • Practiced Architecture and Interior Design for the past 25 years, including hospitality, commercial and residential.

  • During my career, I have worked for firms including Phillip Cox, Bates Smart, Davenport Campbell and Conybeare Morrison.

  • Studied tapestry weaving at Sturt Art and Craft Centre for the year of 2012.

  • Studied ceramics at Sturt Art and Craft Centre for the year of 2014 / 2015.

  • Saori weaving at Saorinomori with Kenzo Jo, Osaka Japan, May and September 2017.

  • Natural dyeing and mud dyeing, Sumba, Indonesia 2019.

  • Tsuzure-Ori weaving  (tapestry weaving) at Kawashima textile school in Kyoto, Japan 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Short courses include:

  • Photography, camera craft 1, 2 and 3 at the Australian centre of photography in Paddington 2007 & 2008

  • Batik dyeing in Ubud, Bali 2016.

  • Natural dyeing of wool, Kawashima textile school. Kyoto, Japan. 2016

  • Natural dyeing with Kristine Vegar, Bali 2017. Author of the modern Natural dyer.

  • Shibori and resist dyeing with Julie Ryder. Intense week at Sturt Craft centre 2017

  • Shibori techniques, Kyoto Japan 2017

  • Natural dyeing with Masaaki Aoki, Kyoto, Japan. 2017.

  • Batik and Indigo in Sapa Vietnam 2018

  • Traditional Japanese Indigo dyeing at Buaisou, in Japan 2018.




  • Romance was born, Fashion design with woven jackets 2015

  • Largest Macramé chandeliers in the world, Pacific Place, Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2016.

  • Wool Week 16, Doncaster shopping centre 2016.

  • The Mill, Bowral, Art installation for spring 2016.

  • Australia post campaign 2015/2016, Australia TV Commercial, Australia wide Billboards and media.

  • 5 star Phuket hotel, Thailand

  • Anthropologie USA collaboration for spring 2019

  • 'Trolls 2' movie set for DreamWorks USA, released in 2020.

  • Live large scale weaving installation for Wool week for 2018 at Westfield Sydney (centre point) May 24th - 27th 2018

  • 'Áll Birds' collaboration of custom made large weave for their Bondi beach pavilion during Sculptures by the Sea 2018.

  • Large weave for the flagship Gorman store in the Emporium, Melbourne. 2020

  • Large weave for a residential development 'The Fabric' for Mirvac, Altona North, Melbourne. 2019

  • Detailed weave for The University of Canberra. 2019

  • Woolmark X Natalie Miller movie tutorial on tapestry weaving April 2020

  • Many large woven commissions for private residences throughout Australia and the world.



  • Robertson Show 2014 

  • DNA arts festival - Burrawang 2014

  • Koskela 'woven' Exhibition 20 June 2015

  • Thread and Colour, Paddington 2016

  • Ivy Muse Melbourne July 2017

  • Green Bridge Studios August/ September 2018 'Dream Weave Series'

  • Southern Highlands Á butcher, a baker and a bunch of makers'. Berrima Art Museum, Berrima Feb - August 2019

  • Australian tapestry workshop, finalist in the 2019 Kate Derum award.



  • The Design Files September 2014

  • Jetstar on flight magazine (Australia and Asia) June - July 2014

  • Uppercase magazine (Canada)  2015

  • Highlife Magazine (Southern Highlands) Feb 2015

  • Country Style Magazine May 2015

  • Elle decoration March 2016

  • Jetstar on flight magazine (Australia and Asia) August 2016

  • Home Beautiful Oct 2016

  • INstyle Magazine Nov 2016

  • Cover of Ashford magazine 2016/2017

  • Flo Magazine 2017

  • Woolmark magazine 2016, 2017 and 2018

  • Women's Weekly July 2017

  • Creative Craft UK August 2017

  • Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Aug 2018 

  • Appeared on Better Homes and Gardens TV show with Tara Denis Aug 2018

  • Highlife Magazine, Southern Highlands Aug Sep 2018

  • Highlife Magazine, Southern Highlands April May 2020 


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