Commissioning a piece of woven art by Natalie Miller

NOTE: Currently I am available to start a new weaving from beginning of September.

Allow 1 month.

If you are interested in owning a piece of my art, I can guarantee I will put all my passion and dedication to your piece, from the beginning hand dyeing all the wool. Tapestry weaving is a very slow process and can take sometimes up to a year for a large piece. 

These are typical price guides, however the price for a piece smaller or larger would vary. I would do sketches prior to commencement and dye samples. I hand dye all my wool with natural and Australian wool dyes on Australian wool. I work closer with the client and deliver sketches and dye the wool to the client’s colour of choice prior to weaving.

I have commissioned pieces in a 5-star hotel in Phuket, Pacific Place in Hong Kong, offices in New York and London, residential installations in Australia, Japan, NYC, The Netherlands, Belgium and London.

I do works with architects, designers and clients all over the world.


Shipping to any part of this world is easy.

Note: A $500 / $1000 deposit is required, depending on size.



Woven Dream series 

Tapestry weaving part of the woven 'dream' series 2018 / 2019
Woven by Natalie Miller, all wool Australian hand dyed by Natalie Miller

400mm wide x 1000mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $950
600mm wide x 1200mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $1350
1200mm wide x 1600mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $2900
1600mm wide x 1800mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $3800
2000mm wide x 1800mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $4900
2500mm wide x 1800mm high to bottom of hanging yarn. $5900


Colours and sketch will be provided for approval before I start weaving.

Free delivery worldwide
Excludes hanging rod if over 1000mm wide, however should be easily sourced.

Large weaves take up to 6 weeks full time and is solely hand dyed and woven by Natalie.

Textural coloured roving weaving (as shown with Natalie in the image)

Woven with New Zealand roving (merino and Corriedale sheep) on reinforced mesh. This is big, strong and powerful (and fluffy).

1000 x 1800mm $2800aud. Can be made in larger or smaller panels.