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natalie miller

Natalie Miller is a registered architect, interior designer, and textile artist living in the beautiful Southern Highlands an environment of constant inspiration. Natalie has been practicing as an architect / interior designer for the last 25 years and has worked extensively with interiors particularly with textiles, carpet and fabric design throughout her career. She has had a lifetime of design and creating. When she relocated from Sydney to the highlands 6 years ago, Natalie studied tapestry weaving at Sturt Art and Craft centre. Natalie had been working with macramé for 12 years, and now incorporates both disciplines into her artworks. She has been involved with numerous art / craft exhibitions and publications. Natalie has a studio/shop in Moss Vale, Green Bridge Studios and now primarily focuses on hand dyeing, tapestry weaving and macramé. Natalie focuses on the importance of the act of making.  She has a very big drive to make and believes to make something every day is importa…

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