raw craft

r  a  w      c  r  a  f  t
a collaboration between Harriet Goodall and Natalie Miller
Raw craft is a wonderful little shop, in the small country town of Robertson, Southern Highlands, Australia. Raw materials and fibres are the inspiration for our venture, combining traditional techniques in craft with contemporary materials and modern inspiration, to create raw handmade craft. The shop is filled with contemporary art, crafts and supplies made and sourced by Harriet and Natalie locally and abroad.

Including weaving supplies, looms, warps, yarns, roving, silks, cane, dyes and accessories.
Woven Sculptures, woven lighting, textiles and ceramics.

31 Hoddle Street, Robertson
Southern Highlands

As we are busy ladies juggling work, workshops and families, Raw craft will be open by appointment and on selected days and times and vary each week.
(Please check website each week to confirm dates)
Raw craft online

M:   Natalie 0414306166
E:    bleu2@bigpond.com
Natalie Miller Online Store
M:   Harriet 0402346106
Harriet Goodalls website