the textiles of the flower hmong tribe

The most colorful of all markets in asia would have to be the flower hmong tribe in Bac Ha. Bac Ha is a quiet and quaint hilltribe village in the highlands of northern Vietnam. I was lucky enough to visit this remote area of Vietnam with my family in 2009. Every Sunday, it transforms into a bustling town when the different tribal groups from surrounding villages converge in its market to buy, sell or trade produce, livestocks and other basic needs. Dominating the market scene are the women from Flower Hmong tribe, whose colorful traditional clothes bring so much vibrancy to the weekly market.

A tiny needle, strands of bright colour thread, lengths of varied coloured cloth, and the genius of the hmong woman are the essential ingredients of the most exquisite needlework to be found anywhere.
Hmong woman have devoted their artistic skills and industry to the development of an amazing variety of techniques using needle and thread. They adore the clothing of every member of their family, from the smallest baby to the oldest grandparents.
Even today the woman prefers to weave their own cotton cloth for much of the clothes for the family. Using back strap and foot needle techniques. The weaver sits on the bench with one end of the loom attached to a belt. She controls he tension with her back, while shifting the warp threads with foot treadles.